Duct cleaning

Every year, thousands of fires occur in restaurant kitchens, resulting in millions of dollars worth of material and operating loss. Half of these fires come from the cooking zone, which spreads in the duct evacuation of the hood.

Keeping a clean, well-maintained kitchen exhaust duct helps you protect your restaurant from the risk of fire.

Trust us, Nettoyeur Provincial de Conduits d'Air Inc. is a Montreal-based company since 1962, our experience in establishments of all kinds (industry, hospitals, hotels, restaurants) have proved that after the application of our process cleaning system, the system offered a foolproof safety, a high level of hygiene and a better performance.

An appointment?

Nothing is simpler, because our appointments are flexible and adapt to your time constraints. And you do not have to worry about the rest, because our system records the frequency of interventions specific to your institution, when your service is due, we call you. Of course, you can always call and speak with your dedicated customer service team at 514 648 0286 to schedule the service whenever you want. If you have an emergency, such as an activation of the extinguishing system for example, call the same number and the emergency teams will go to you on request, just like that.

We confirm the Service

Our customer service confirms the day of your service a week in advance, we indicate our estimated time of arrival and the duration of the washing. We will also ensure that security or building officials allow us access to the duct system and the roof for that evening, often we will do this for you; one less thing to occupy yourself. We also provide insurance certificates as needed.

Technicians clean the hood and evacuation

Our technicians follow a process developed over the past 25 years. Your system is wrapped in plastic to ensure that your equipment is protected against splashing, and the grease we will remove from your system. We use a process that includes scraping, degreasing and high pressure washing. Our cleaning includes the plenum of the hood, horizontal ducts, vertical and the fan (s) accessible (s) on the roof. We will clean at the access doors in the duct and the fan. In case of need and after your agreement additional access doors can be created. The hood is then treated by a polishing method, inside and out. Our technicians follow the NFPA 96 standard.

Work executed

At the end of the service, our goal is to leave the work area in the same state of cleanliness that we found when arriving. We inspect the cleanliness of the ducts and plenum to the people present on the premises. Our goal is to show you that our work has been done in depth, we want you to know that a hood cleaning is not just about cleaning what you can see, but it's all about cleaning up that you can not see. Finally, we will provide you with a cleaning certificate that must be displayed in your kitchen. And finally, if we found items that were deficient or in poor condition, we will send you by fax, mail or e-mail, a summary of our findings.

More than just a hood cleaning

Nettoyeur Provincial de Conduits d'Air Inc. technicians participate in a comprehensive training program that provides them with the skills they need to do quality work. Our experienced staff is focused on safety and efficiency, ensuring a job well done. Each hood cleaning service is thoroughly finished and with minimal disruption to your business. A qualified supervisor can be delegated to a project to ensure that it goes as planned, by inspecting the quality of service we provide you.

Maintenance and Inspection

Typical cleaning frequency:

  • Conduit serving category 2 hoods (without grease): once a year
  • Conduit serving category 1 hoods (with fat vapor): Every 6 months
  • Conduit serving one or more wood burning appliances, coals, briquettes: Every 3 months

* Hoods, filters and ducts where there may be accumulation of larger fuel deposits must be inspected at intervals of not more than 7 days and must be cleaned if these accumulations